Matriarchal onslaughts and #MeToo rampage on men going on behind the curtain of hypothetical patriarchy

Patriarchy”!!?? What is Patriarchy nowadays?? Actually this is the word the opportunist misandry-monger  feminists have long been using as a shield to hide their vendetta against men, matriarchal oppression on men, emotional bullying on society through over-hyping, hyper-sensationalizing  women’s issues, with the help of a section of media. A section of biased against men media have long been a tool in the hands of opportunist, misandry-monger feminists to perpetuate their reign all over the world, especially in India nowadays. Better late than never, some important political figures in India have started to get at least fractions of the bitter truth!!    

“Patriarchy” might have existed in stone age. But where it it now, when there is special cell for women in the United Nations i.e #UN_Women with it’s branches at every nation of the globe, to run feminism and matriarchy?? Where is “Patriarchy”, when universities teach women’s studies to students?? Where is “Patriarchy” when infamous feminist bulling called  #MeToo  (click here & Read) making men’s lives hell every now and then?? If India is concerned,  where do you find “patriarchy”, when there are Ministry for Women, Commissions for Women; one sided, colonial, draconian, autocratic, open to misuse, women-centered, anti-men laws by women’s side?? Where do you find “patriarchy” when men, after loosing their prime times of life in jails due to false rape cases, come out as innocents to be left in lurch by the state with no compensation and rehabilitation and the false accusers go home happily unpunished in most of the cases, despite ruining men’s lives?? Where do morons find “patriarchy” in India, where man cornered by draconian, faulty, autocratic, colonial, lopsided, women-centered, Anti-Male laws choose suicide to prove his innocence??    (click here) Where do you find “patriarchy” when during Criminal Law Amendment 2018, possible female pedophiles preying on children below 12 years of age were spared gallows under several pretexts and gallows get reserved for only male pedophiles  for sexual assaults on girls below 12 years of age?? Remember India’s Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSOA) is gender neutral.  Where do you find “Patriarchy” in India, where the country may gear up to hang men to death ( from time immemorial in India, not a single female horrendous criminals has been executed and only men have been executed ) but shows indifference when it comes to execute women?? No IPC bars execution of women on death row . But why and for which sentiment India can’t execute women on death row, whose mercy petitions have been rejected by president??    If India can ape west in MeToo, why can’t ape execution of women criminals??  

Now read here for a very serious thought provoking article written by one of the veteran Men’s Rights Activists of India.   

Actually the opportunist feminists’ unjust, impractical demands are crossing the limits of sky. The moment they are opposed, contradicted, they just cry “patriarchy”.  Yeah!! ‘Patriarchy’ once existed and that very patriarchy paved way of modern feminism. But nowadays, matriarchy and  feminism ruling the roost from behind a hypothetical curtain called “patriarchy”.  

We Indian Men’s Rights Activists living no stone unturned to fight misandry, matriarchy and feminist onslaughts on men. For that we conveyed message to Indian politicos to stop unbridled feminist appeasing as male votes would matter from now on. We also gave the message loud and clear that appeasing feminists, may get them a handful of feminist votes but nowadays a huge chunk of Indian citizens aka voters is made up of male victims of Anti-Men / Anti-Husband, one sided, gender biased, draconian, women-centered law attacks and their friends & relatives. 

But politicos conveniently ignore our caveat and demands. So came the result!!   Read here as well!!  Actually people are now disgusted of relentless women pampering. They want a safe nation where men can breath easily with Complete Gender Neutral Sexual Assault and matrimonial laws, those won’t see gender but the crime and protect humans irrespective of gender, rather than a particular gender. Indian Men want a nation where gender laws are misuse proof with mandatory suo motu  punishment clauses to come down heavily on false accusers, so that unscrupulous people think twice before randomly accusing men. 

Now, in this scenario when main stream political parties giving cold shoulders to men’s rights demands, a dedicated political party for men has taken birth.  And to antagonize our Men’s Rights party, our opponents aka the feminists have also created their party.   

Anyway, finally I can say, only the political that will show serious concerns over men’s rights demands with due respect, may easily drag at least 60% to 70% NOTA votes in their favor.  Here are some basic Men’s Rights Demands :-

1> Completely ignoring media bullying and unethical pressures from opportunist misandry-monger sections, make India’s current colonial, draconian, one sided, autocratic, open to misuse, Women-Centered, Anti-Male laws on Rape, Sexual Harassment, Marital Affairs e.g. IPCs 376, 354 (With all their sub sections), 509, Sexual Harassment at Work Place, Domestic Violence etc Complete Gender Neutral ; with adequate mandatory, suo motu punishment clauses to punish false accusers. Though there are some IPCs to tackle law misuse, these special draconian, Anti-male laws must have special suo motu punishment clauses.  If almost nearly 80 nations of the globe can have such laws complete gender neutral, India will have to have gender neutral laws as well.  

2> Re-amend Criminal Laws to reserve noose for female pedophiles preying on children below 12 years of age. No IPC bars execution of women and POCSO Act is gender neutral. So why reserve noose for male pedophiles  only??

3> Bring stringent laws to subdue overzealous media and journos who expose  identities of sex offence accused men, long before allegations against them are proved finally. 

4> If provisions of capital punishment  prevails in India, and you execute males on death row, also execute females on death row. Establish equality in punishments. See above. I have discussed on this. 

5> Always prefer the noble essence of MAIN Articles 14, 15, 19, 21 of the constitution, to SUB Article 15(3) while amending or bringing any Gender Law. 

6> Bring necessary amendment to the constitution either to close women’s Ministries and commissions for  gender neutral Human Welfare Ministries and Human Welfare Commissions OR just constitute separate National Commission for Men and Ministry for Men and Boys Welfare at a par with women’s ministries and commissions. NO feminist monopoly. 

7> Last but not the least……… Revive Right To Information Act, 2005 and make it active as it was. Respect this noble law of democracy. Give it more teeth. Empower Central and Provincial Information Commissions adequately. Empower citizens to make the  government answerable for any policy, law it brings besides existing definitions of “Information”. Make sure that at every corner in India, this law is followed and respected  by every Public Authority …. central or provincial.   

          ( All Views Are Personal With Full And Due Respect To Courts of Law )  






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